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We have a long wall at our West Valley City facility covered in letters that have poured in from our happy customers over the years. Here is just a sampling of what they have to say:

I’ve waited and waited for a water softener, but kept putting it off, thinking that heavy-duty moisturizer would remedy my itchy skin… but I decided to go for it, and let me tell you, I can’t believe I waited so long! Not only is my skin glowing and baby soft, but the biggest surprise is what softened water does to my hair. Ever since I got my Superior water system, every day is a good hair day! It reminds me of the hair I had when I was a young girl. It’s never looked so good and people commented on it all the time! And, I used less conditioner and other products than I ever have before. I love it!

Lindsay P.

Since 2003, we have had a Superior water cooler in our office. It has been a real hit with our staff and customers alike. During the winter, our employees always look forward to the steaming hot water for oatmeal in the morning, and hot drinks during the day. And your great-tasting water refreshes us each and every day.Your price has always been the best in town and we are "Loyal" fans of the water system that you have provided our company.

Linda R.

I am writing this letter to let your company know how much I appreciate the work your team did for me. I experienced some major water problems Thursday August 24, so I called your company to see what you could do to help. The service I received from your company was exceptional. I was treated with such professionalism. I would like to personally thank Jason, the installer, and the sales person who came out to my house as scheduled.

Debbie M.

I had a new softener installed today and I was so impressed with the technician, Richard, and his speed and efficiency. I called my old water softener company and they wanted far more than you for the same system. Thanks again for your service!

Julie B.

Thank you for all your help in getting our new furnace. Heath was especially great! He was amazing on how he was able to get our furnace out and the new one in. He is a very hard worker. We were totally surprised when he got the new furnace in the basement. We didn’t think it would fit. He’s a very nice guy. The next day when he brought Guy with him to cut out the new vent in mom’s room he was also awesome. They worked very hard and got everything going. The furnace works great. The office was very nice to call and book the cleaning of the vents. Rex and Jerry were also very good. They covered the floors and did their thing and also cleaned everything up. We will always remember you and your employees. Thanks so much!

Bonnie B.

We had scheduled an appointment with you to repair our air conditioning unit because it had stopped working, and we were just miserable. It was 90 degrees in our house on Tuesday, and neither one of us could sleep through the night! Your technician arrived at our house this afternoon to take a look and see what was needed. We were very pleased to find out that the repair was nothing major, and could be fixed quickly. Sanel was incredibly thorough making sure that we wouldn’t have any other problems with our cooling system and that we would be prepared for the next heat wave.We couldn’t be happier about the service we received and I want you to know you have two happy (and cool) customers in Sugarhouse!

Hart & Nicole

"Superior" Stuff. Our office just got one of their water dispensers and it totally rules! Hot – I mean HOT water instantly and refreshing cold water all the time! Thanks Superior for making my water breaks tastier and my oatmeal better (I don’t have to microwave it anymore).


I had Superior come out and install a tankless water heater for me 2 months ago. Everything works great with the water heater and the install looks very professional! I have used this company many times and I have always managed to have a great experience with them. Prior to this purchase I bought from them my water softener, water purifier and my ac/furnace units. Thanks Superior Water And Air!


Great Products and great service! I have had a superior water softener for years. It gives me great water and is highly efficient. I recently added their whole house air purifier to the mix and couldn’t be happier. Our home smells great even though we often cook spicy food and have 4 pets. It is especially nice in the winter when you cant really air out the house. Clean air and water it’s just common sense.


We are VERY impressed We have nothing but great things to say about Superior. They were always on time and professional and our water is exceptional quality. We are very glad that we went with their best system so that we arent showering in water that has chlorine in it. My eczema has cleared up and my hair is softer and easier to manage. Thanks for a great experience!

Brittney S.

We called Superior to fix our furnace on Jan 3. Lance C. was our repair person. After looking at our furnace, he advised he needed a part to fix it. Lance didn’t have the part he needed in his truck. He said he would go to the warehouse to get the part. I was shocked when he said he would be right back. I thought I would have to make another appointment for another day. Lance returned in just a short time and fixed our furnace. He was honest with us, answered a few questions we had for him. I will call Superior again.


We were having problems with our water softener. I called Superior Water because you had come to our home once before and had been completely honest concerning the problem we were having. We did nothing at that time, but I remembered your honesty and your understanding, so I called again because we were having problems again. Mitch came to our rescue. He was great. I have complete trust in your company, and I thank you for your efficiency and your honesty.


We were having problems with our water softener and Martin A. from Superior came out on January 5th. He was so nice to call me on my cell phone just before arriving so I didn’t have to wait around all day. He helped fix our problem and told us how to better maintain our system. Thanks!


Couldn’t get a hold of the company we originally bought our water softener from. Went to Costco and spoke to the Superior Water guy. They came out that afternoon, took it out and had their guys figure out what was wrong with it. They were able to repair it for us and re installed it!!! Great company! Highly recommend them!


Since we moved into our new home, the upstairs, Where we all sleep, is either unbearably hot in the summer or chillingly cold in the winter. And to add insult to injury, our typical heating bill is over $300 per month– Not sure where that heat went, because we could never feel it. I spoke with a young lady at a Costco heating display and they set up an appt for us with Superior Water and Air. The Salesperson noted that the duct work upstairs was way undersized, The hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter for the entire upstairs really had no place to go in order to be heated or cooled. They said the 25 year old furnace downstairs was inefficient and not capable of heating the entire house nor capable of moving conditioned air to the upstairs in the summer. They put a separate furnace with new duct work in my attic and replaced the basement furnace with a smaller, efficient unit. The installers were super clean and respectful of our home. They went to great lengths to ensure that the new vents and returns were placed precisely where we needed them. They laid out carpet mats whenever they entered the home and were extremely competent. I am pleased to report that our upstairs has become the most comfortable area in our home. Also, I just received my December Gas Bill–which is 1/2 what it was previously and that is with 2 furnaces AND– we received 2 rebate checks from Questar totaling $700 for junking the ancient furnace we had, AND we got a $1000 cash card as a rebate from Lennox / Costco, AND I’m saving $150 month on my gas bill, AND we are finally comfortable in our own home. This was most definitely a SUPERIOR buying experience, I can see why COSTCO wants to partner with you– You take excellent care of their customers. You guys came through with everything you promised. Thanks Again,

Jenny S.

We got our system in 2009 and we will never be without one. We got the whole over-haul: water softener, air filter, and RO system in our kitchen (filtered water from a spout on the sink, and through our fridge). Maintenance is minimal and affordable. PLUS the techs that came to set us up, and replace filters go above and beyond in their service. They left my house as clean as when they came, and are quick.


very pleased with results. contacted superior as a second opinion for an estimate I received from a different company. They were able to fix the problem within the first hour and saved us a lot of money compared to what we were quoted originally from the other company. Sure glad we called them!


Hello, I am a licensed Plumber here in the state of Utah. I walked into Superior’s office 3 years ago to ask them about getting a Water Softener for my home. I spoke with a sales person named Allen about the concerns I had with the water in my home. My son and I both have severely dry skin and Excema. Taking showers and/or baths made us both itch and dried out our skin even further. Although I have been in the plumbing industry for many years, I had no prior training on the effects of regular tap water and how it can effect your skin and laundry. I was shocked at how little I knew about our water here in Utah. Allen did a great job educating me on how a water softener could help address these issues. I did purchase a Water Softener from Superior Water and installed it in my home. I have been amazed at the difference it has made with our skin. It has also made our laundry softer and seems to aid with overall cleanliness as well. We also noticed that hard water spots in our sinks, showers and bathtubs disappeared. I would definitely recommend a water softener to assist with any of the issues I mentioned. I recommend Superior Water and Air along with there water softeners to all of my clients.


Just had my annual performance done. Mitch N. did a fabulous job he explained everything he was doing. He was a honest and great professional. I would recommend Superior and Mitch N to anyone. Thanks for everything you guys do.


Pride kept me from calling to have my "leaky" shower fixed sooner. After several failed attempts (and what became a constant stream of water) I decided to hand it over to a professional. Glad I did. They were very professional, polite, and even cleaned up after the job was done. Two weeks later and everything is working like it should. My only regret is not calling to have this done sooner.


Our old water softener was no longer working so we called superior. They sent out a tech the next day and set us up with new R O filters and a new softener for a pretty decent price the water softener tech did a great job he cleaned up after and even hauled off our old softener. great job Mitch.


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