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Humidifiers & Ventilation in Salt Lake City and Throughout Utah

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Why Do You Need a Home Humidifer?

It should come as no surprise that the state of Utah has some of the driest air in the country on a year-round basis. Indoor air that is too dry will:

  • Possible cause damage to expensive furniture and wood floors
  • Aggravate certain health conditions such as asthma and sinus headaches
  • Dry out nasal passages and increase nose bleeds
  • Contribute to dry itchy skin on hands and arms in all kinds of weather
  • Result in “zaps” whenever you touch a metal object or go to kiss your loved ones

Why Should You Choose Superior For Your Home Humidification?

You and your family can enjoy continuous comfort and better health with the help of one of Superior’s high quality, energy-efficient whole-house humidifying systems. Our steam humidification methods will keep your home at 45% humidity: the optimum level for comfort with no risk of bacteria or mold growth.

We offer you a choice of Utah humidifiers that either work directly with your central air system or stand alone. Contact us today to get an appointment and we will come to your home for a FREE written estimate and help you choose the perfect size and type of humidifier to meet your family’s needs.

I can’t say enough good things about superior water and air. Mike Perry came by today and installed my humidifier. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly as is all of superiors employees. Mike did a fantastic job kept things clean while working and did a great job of cleaning up after himself unlike other companies who I have had come by in the past. If you want quality and friendly service call superior air and water they are #1.

Trevor T.

A Superior Ventilation System For a Superior Life

Because Superior is the indoor comfort specialist, we also offer ventilation systems for Utah homes that need a little extra help with proper air circulation. Look to us for quality:

  • Bathroom ventilation systems
  • Attic ventilation systems
  • Whole-house ventilation for homes with vaulted ceilings

Our whole-house ventilation eliminates hot and cold areas in your home by keeping air circulating as it should: your family will enjoy more comfort all year round and your heating and air system will last longer too. Contact us today and get an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE on our energy-efficient ventilation systems.

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