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Purified Drinking Water for Utah Offices or Homes

Drinking Water

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The “office water cooler” has been an important part of business life for generations; if you still have heavy, awkward 5-gallon bottles delivered to your work place, it’s time to bring your Utah office drinking water into the 21st century!

Bottle-less Drinking Water From Superior

That’s right: no more inconvenient, unsanitary bottles! Superior offers crystal clear, clean, purified water systems that hook directly into your existing culinary water line: offering a virtually endless supply of delicious thirst quenching water to your employees and customers. We offer four separate self-contained products in a variety of attractive designs and sizes: perfect for your office break room or lobby.

Why You Need a Superior Bottle-less System

  • We have 4 different systems offering a range of options from basic filtration to total purification through reverse osmosis.
  • The choice is yours: you can select hot + cold water systems, or even one that offers hot, cold, and room-temperature water. You can also choose your preferred dispensing method: spigot or super-hygienic free fall.
  • Our systems are energy-efficient as well as low-maintenance, requiring only a change of filter once a year.
  • You pay a low fixed monthly price: no matter how much water your office consumes!
  • Your employees can enjoy trouble-free cold water refreshment or hot water for soups and teas at the touch of a button.

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