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Do I Have Hard Water?

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After finding out the results you have a few choices; continue to live with hard water or call in an expert to test the level of hardness and choose a water softener based on your level of hardness. Here is a hard water classification chart to see where your water falls:

Hardness as mg/L Calcium Carbonate Hardness in grains per gallon Classification of water
1-60 1-3.5 Moderately Hard
61-120 3.6-7.0 Hard
121-300 7.1-15.5 Very Hard
300+ 15.6+ Extremely Hard

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What is hard water?

When water has high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other metals it is considered “hard” water. The more metals found in the water source the harder the water is.

It is referred to as “hard” water because it requires more soap to create a lather and is harder to clean than when using soft water.

If you have hard water in your home it can cause a number of problems for appliances, drinking, and cleaning. Hard water is measured by the amount of calcium carbonate found in your water; 4 grains of CaCO3 per gallon of water is considered “hard” water.

Hard water can cause irritated skin, spotting on glass, deposits in hot water heaters, scaling on sinks and fixtures, film on hard surfaces, sticky dull hair, and clothes feel harsh. In the state of Utah, the water is considerably hard and without proper care or knowledge could be causing damage.

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How do I treat hard water?

The most common treatment for hard water is to soften it. Depending on the level of hard water you have and where you wish to soften the water is what will determine the treatment process. Water softeners can be installed directly onto dishwashers and washing machines to give you softer water for cleaning.

Most people choose to treat the whole home by installing a water softening system which reduces the quantity of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. The overall softening process is replacing the calcium ions with sodium ions, sometimes giving soft water a subtle salty taste. To fix the sodium intake and salty taste in soft water, people will install reverse osmosis systems or purification systems to get great tasting water.

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