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Home Warranties

Being a homeowner comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, being prepared for them is essential. From the little fixes to replacing whole appliances, our homes can throw an unexpected curve. A home warranty contract, also known as a service agreement gives you peace of mind. When bigger, more expensive HVAC appliances break down, your home warranty can protect you from the following financial strain.

What a Home Warranty Does for You

The major built-in appliances of our home need to be taken care of to function properly. A home warranty will cover the repair or even replacement of these appliances should they break down as a result of day to day functions.

It is important to recognize that a home warranty is something entirely different from homeowner’s insurance. Investing in a home warranty will not give you identical coverage as homeowner’s insurance. A home warranty will not include coverage of:

  • Homeowner’s insurance damage
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Updates to appease building codes

Superior Water & Air offers three Homeowners Peace of Mind Agreements, each ranging in price and coverage:


  • Equipment that has been properly maintained will continue operating at maximum efficiency to save you on your monthly energy bills.
  • You’ll receive one heating and one cooling maintenance visits per year.
  • Take advantage of a 15% preferred customer discount for any other Superior Water & Air service.
  • Starting at $16.50 a month.


  • Receive parts and labor coverage for your cooling and heating system.
  • You’ll receive one heating and one cooling maintenance visits per year.
  • Know your home appliances will be protected, maintaining your comfort.
  • Starting at $32 a month.


  • You’ll receive one heating and one cooling maintenance visits per year.
  • Coverage for your built in appliances including electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Peace of mind for all covered appliances in your home
  • Starting at $59 a month.

Depending on which home warranty service you choose, you can be covered with:

  • planned maintenance-heating system
  • planned maintenance – cooling system
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • preferred customer discount
  • parts & labor for heating and cooling:
    • heat exchanger
    • evaporator coil
    • condensing coil
    • compressor
    • thermostat
    • refrigerant
    • thermocouple
    • belts, valves, controls
    • blower motors
    • fans
    • circuit boards
    • blower wheel
    • fan motors
    • gas regulator and pilot
    • ignition controls and sensors
    • transformers, capacitors, relays
    • cycle timer
    • boiler controls
    • safety and overload controls
  • Plumbing:
    • water lines, faucets, valves
    • drain and sewer stoppages
    • toilets
    • garbage disposal
    • water heater (up to 50 gallons)
    • sump pump
    • built-in bathtub/whirlpool
    • gas lines
    • pressure regulator
  • Electrical:
    • electrical panel wiring
    • central vacuum system
    • whole house fan/ceiling fans
    • doorbell
  • Built-in appliances:
    • dishwasher
    • range, surface unit, oven, and range hood
    • trash compactor
    • microwave oven (built-in)

Don’t be left with expensive repairs caused by normal appliance wear and tear, give yourself the assurance that your home will be protected. Trust Superior Water & Air to repair your major appliances as needed, saving you money and time.