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Ice Filtration System in Utah

Ice Machines are the backbone of the Foodservice Industry

Protect your investment with 3M Filtration!

Business Impact

  • 3 C’s- Clean, Clear, Consistent great tasting Ice
  • Ice Machine operates efficiently– requiring less maintenance
  • Adds years to equipment life


  • Increase sales and profits of your favorite beverages
  • Less hassle and expense due to down-time and unscheduled service
  • Reduce the cause of 75% of service related problems


  • Single-cartridge flow rates and capacities provide predictable and lower operating costs
  • IMPACTechnology reduces sediment, cyst, chlorine, bacteria, and scale reduction (NSF rated)
  • Built-in scale inhibition reduces the ability of calcium/magnesium to precipitate on evaporator plates as scale

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