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Home Water Evaluation

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Utah Water Testing

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Ever Wonder What’s Really In Your Water?

The truth is, it could be costing you: both in terms of your family’s comfort and the well-being of your pocketbook. Utah has notoriously hard water; Superior Water and Air offers a FREE WATER EVALUATION for homes and businesses that will give you the valuable first-hand knowledge you need to make educated decisions regarding water softening and water purification.

How a Water Evaluation Works: Easy as 1-2-3

  1. A Superior water specialist will come to your home and perform a series of tests that will measure both mineral and contaminant levels in your water supply.
  2. The specialist will show you what’s in your water, then thoroughly explain what the causes might be and what types of products can treat them effectively.
  3. The whole evaluation takes only about an hour, and you will have all the information you’ll need about the types of water issues you have and what you can do about them. Remember, the evaluation is FREE: there are no strings attached and no obligation to buy.

How the Quality of Your Water May Be Costing You

Running a home or business with hard water could be costing you dear. Hard water is responsible for:

  • Scale buildup in your water heater, pipes, and shower heads: reducing their life spans
  • Clothes that fade and wear out prematurely
  • More money spent on detergents, soaps, shampoos
  • The need to use extra water just to achieve the same level of cleanliness
  • Hours lost every week because housekeeping chores take longer
  • Dry, itchy skin that reduces your family’s quality of life
  • Do you know what’s in your water?

Contact Superior today to get an appointment, and take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation Utah water evaluation service.

We just had a new water softener and filter installed. Superior provided quality service: gave free initial hard water test, were prompt in scheduling and installation, and were even willing to make some minor changes for free after installation. Five stars! Thanks Jacob for the initial installation and thanks Chris for the follow-up service!

Steve M.

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