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Water is the most important ingredient in Food Service!!

  • Ice is 100% Water
  • Fountain Beverages are 83% water
  • Coffee is 99% water
  • Sauces are 80% water

Benefits of Great Water in Restaurants:

The benefits that water treatment and filtration delivers to a foodservice operation affect the success of your business every single day!

  • Maximizes your investment by maintaining smooth running equipment, prolonging the life by 25%
  • Decreases annual expensive maintenance costs
  • Delivers consistent results every time, thus improving the taste of the foods and drinks you serve
  • Protects and minimizes any claims made from water-borne cysts and bacteria

Ice Machines are the backbone of the foodservice industry. Cuno/3M water filtration provides clean, clear, consistent, great tasting ice – with reduced Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts (per NSF Standard 53) and water-borne bacteria.

Beverage Equipment is often the most profitable part of convenience store, restaurant and quick-serve operations. Aqua-Pure’s new cartridge filters deliver the improved performance of CUNO’s Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology(“IMPACT”) media. With a six-month cartridge life guarantee and no need for a separate pre-filter, a single cartridge Aqua-Pure system replaces three- or four-cartridge manifolds, thus lowering capital and operating costs.

Brewed Beverage filter systems reduce excess chlorine, sediment and organic residuals that cause bitter tasting coffee, espresso or tea. Aqua-Pure BREW Systems add scale inhibitors to help prevent the precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts that will clog spray heads.

Multi-Equipment / Steamers are engineered to provide high flow rates and capacities in a single compact package. Premium activated carbon reduces chlorine taste and odor for consistent great tasting cold beverages, hot beverages and ice. A dedicated scale inhibition cartridge reduces scale build-up on evaporator plates and heating coils in steamers, ice machines and coffee brewers.

3M / Cuno Filtration will not only improve the quality of your Foodservice products, but also extend the life of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs!!