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Water Purifiers for Salt Lake City and All of Utah

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When it comes to true water purification, no one does it better than Superior. No one. We carry a full line of water purifiers that install easily under the sink and do not take up too much space. You will get crystal-clear, great tasting drinking and cooking water straight from your tap with absolutely no hassle and no heavy bottles to carry.

Superior offers its own brand as well as Water Factory, both of which provide the highest levels of purification you want along with the delicious taste you expect from one of Utah’s leading water purification experts.

Contact us today to get an appointment, and ask about our FREE ESTIMATE. Let our experts show you how our water purification systems can help your family enjoy a “Superior Life.”

Did You Know?

Chlorine is added to Utah communities’ water supplies in order to control harmful bacteria. Though chlorine is a “necessary evil” for safe water, it wreaks havoc on the skin. Superior’s water conditioning systems removes leftover traces of chlorine, effectively preventing your skin from absorbing them. With a Superior system in place, your whole family will enjoy softer, less itchy skin from day one. Contact us for a no-obligation, FREE HOME WATER EVALUATION.


  • Cheaper than bottled water
  • Much cleaner than your refrigerator’s filtered water
  • Fresher tasting & healthier
  • Less chance of contamination
  • No carrying or storing heavy water jugs or bottled water


  • Purest, tastiest water
  • Crystal-clear ice cubes (no floaties)
  • Longer-lasting filters
  • Less expensive over time
  • “Purified” removes higher percentage of lead, sediment, chlorine, dissolved solids/mineral salts, cysts, radium & arsenic

We have had Lucinda come to our home 2 years in a row to service our water purification system. I am so impressed with her knowledge and ability to crawl under my sink and take care of our system. She is very professional in her craft and is able to answer all of my questions. Thanks Superior, for hiring a capable, competent and confident employee!

Jami J.

3536 South 1950 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119